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Changing the way Central Alberta responds to Child Abuse

Our Vision

Empowering children and families impacted by abuse to lead healthy and fulfilling lives by building a community that collectively battles child abuse.

Our Mission

To work in an integrated, trauma informed environment to treat abused children, youth, and their families, support their recovery and seek to stop the cycle of abuse.

What To Do If you Suspect Child Abuse

Recognize the signs, listen, believe and report your concern.

Children’s Services Intervention Office: (403) 340-5400
Child Services 24 Hour Crisis Line: 1-800-638-0715
RCMP: (403) 343-5575

It is your legal duty to report suspected child abuse. You do not need proof, just a reasonable suspicion.

Helping Victims Become Children Again

What you Need to Know

About the CACAC
The Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre is a not for profit organization that works in an integrative partnership with the Central Region Child Services, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Justice, Alberta Education and the RCMP to better service children, youth and families impacted by sexual abuse and the most serious/complex cases of physical abuse and neglect.

Working collaboratively in a culturally relevant and trauma-informed system, we achieve greater results than any partner could on their own. It blends investigation, treatment, prevention, education and research with expertise to provide an integrated practice approach wrapping around children and always working in the best interests of the child.

What is Child Abuse?
Abuse, also called maltreatment, is the act of emotionally, sexually or physically hurting a child. It includes depriving a child of affection and acceptance, neglecting to meet their day-to-day needs or endangering them in any way. Maltreatment also includes sexual exploitation and exposing a child to sexual contact, activity or behaviour.
Recognizing Signs Of Child Abuse
  • Children may display physical or emotional signs of maltreatment. Signs may include:
  • Sudden changes in behaviour or performance.
  • Unexplained physical injuries or injuries that don’t match the child’s explanation.
  • Extreme behavioural reactions such as aggression or withdrawal.
  • Sexual knowledge or behaviour beyond their stage of development.
  • Does not want to be at home or runs away.
  • Always hungry, sick or not suitably dressed for the conditions.
Be Aware Of Your Initial Reaction
A child may come to a trusted adult because they believe you can help. Although it is common to feel fear, disbelief, anger, or sadness, it’s important to set aside personal feelings and stay calm.  Initial reactions are critical for the child’s path to healing.
Listen. Believe.
  • Allow the child to do most of the talking. If you need more understanding about the context, use an open-ended question or phrase such as “Tell me more.”
  • Once you have reasonable grounds to suspect abuse, or the child discloses, stop asking any further questions.
  • Reassure the child that telling you was the right thing to do.
  • Explain to the child that you believe them and will need to tell someone who can help them. You cannot keep it a secret.
Document Any Comments Verbatim
This includes those made by the child, parent, caregiver, or anyone else relevant to the situation.

Upcoming Events

Home Lottery – Watch for more information Fall 2018

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Battle of Alberta 2018

The inaugural Battle of Alberta Golf Tournament event was a great success with over $500,000 raised! We would like to sincerely thank all those involved, including the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames organizations and players for making this all possible. To the over 190 sponsors, we couldn’t have done it without you! Our event committee members – you dedicated so much time and effort, and to all the volunteers who donated their time, we thank you! The three-part event was filled with energy and excitement including exclusive live and silent auctions, celebrity hot stoves and musical entertainment.

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and joined in on the fun! We look forward to the next battle!

~ The Central Alberta Child Advocacy Team

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