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A Catalyst for Change

Our mission is clear – to break the cycle of suffering and create a community where every child and youth can thrive. Through research, education, and intervention, we aim to be the catalyst for change, challenging the status quo and setting new standards for healing, recovery, and prevention.

Located on the main campus of Red Deer Polytechnic, this groundbreaking initiative represents a visionary model that transcends boundaries, unifying strategic partners to create a hub of unwavering support.

A Unified Vision

The Sheldon Kennedy Centre of Excellence represents more than just a building; it is a transformative force for change. By consolidating our strategic partners under one roof, we forge a collective commitment to addressing the profound challenges of mental health concerns, child abuse, child exploitation, and other traumas affecting our children and youth.



“We’ve been patient and persistent in getting through all the doors to have the meetings we’ve needed to have, to get the partners together. All of the government agencies that have the government mandate to protect our children are all on board. We need the community.”   – Sheldon Kennedy

Holistic Healing in a Personalized Space

In this purpose-built haven, we provide a personalized, treatment-focused environment that is a testament to our dedication to each individual’s journey. Here, healing is not just a concept; it is a tangible reality. The SKCOE is where compassionate professionals converge to bring about profound transformations, fostering resilience and empowering our most vulnerable.

Your Support Makes a Diference

As we continue this ambitious journey, we invite you to stand with us. Your support is not just a donation; it is an investment in the future, a commitment to the wellbeing of our children and youth. Together, we can create a legacy of compassion, resilience and empowerment.

The Race to the Finish Line

Our goal for public fundraising for the Sheldon Kennedy Centre of Excellence has almost been reached! With less than 10% to go, learn how you can become a Champion of Courage and make lasting change in our community.

Join Us in Building a Future of Hope

The SKCOE is not just a testament to our past but a promise for the future. Join us in building a community where healing knows no bounds, where every child has the chance to reclaim their joy and innocence. Together, we can make a lasting impact, creating a world where the SKCOE becomes a symbol of triumph over adversity.

Donate Today and Be a Part of the Transformation.

Together, we heal, We Recover, We Prevent.


Downloadable Information

Want to know more about the Sheldon Kennedy Centre of Excellence? Check out these downloadable resources today!

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  • Mid-Campaign Impact Report
  • 2022-2023 Annual Report