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Climbing Tree Mentorship Program

“Kids spell TRUST like t-i-m-e.”


The Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre: Climbing Tree Mentorship Program is one of the first of its kind. It is a program built for resiliency; for positive changes and impacts; for our youths.
The CACAC provides support to children who have experienced abuse – providing a safe place for them to share their stories and to receive support throughout their journey.
But what about after…


The Climbing Tree Mentorship Program is here to help develop our youths’ resilience by building positive outcomes through healthy relationships. Through age appropriate, health-promoting activities, we can significantly improve the odds that a child will recover from the abuse they have experienced.


Our overall goal is to improve the mental health, life skills, and overall happiness of the youths to realize their full potential. With your help; with your time; we know we can achieve this!


Our children show courage by speaking up. You show courage by showing up.

Be Brave. Become a  Mentor Today.

Your time and your patience is a gift like no other; you may not see the effects as you would a gift-wrapped box. The effects of your gift will be seen in years to come, in the actions of a young person who is resilient and positive.

Interested in making a difference?! Download & fill out the CTMP Application (below) and send to Nicole Jones, CTMP Program Coordinator

Email: njones@centralalbertacac.ca

  • Climbing Tree Mentorship Application Form
  • Climbing Tree Mentorship Program Tri-Fold Brochure

Special thanks to the RBC Foundation for making this program possible!