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Downloadable PDF Resources

Not sure how to identify the signs of abuse? In need of condensed legal details for easy printing and reference? Click “Download” on any of the following resources to get short infographic documents and helpful information.

  • Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth
  • Age of Consent to Sexual Activity
  • 5 Warning Signs of Grooming
  • Sexual Development and Behaviour in Children
  • Helping Children with Traumatic Separation
  • Coping in Hard Times as a Parent
  • Trinka and Sam Fighting the Big Virus Question
  • Supporting Children – The COVID Factsheet
  • Staying Safe While Staying Connected – For Caregivers
  • Helping Your Teen Cope With Traumatic Stress
  • Helping Young Children With Traumatic Grief
  • Age-Related Reactions to Traumatic Events
  • Youth Self-Injury Information
  • Teen Sexual Assault – Help for Teens
  • Teen Sexual Assault – Help for Parents
  • Coping with Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse – Parents
  • Kids Help Phone – You’re Not Alone
  • Survivors Resources – Understanding Child Abuse
  • Survivors Resources – Safeguarding my Child
  • Survivors Resources – Child Sexual Abuse
  • Storybook – Big Feelings Come and Go