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Government of Alberta Commits $3.4M to Vital CACAC Infrastructure


Today marks a historic day for the CACAC. Today, the Government of Alberta has announced their commitment of $3.4M towards the infrastructure of the CACAC Centre of Excellence. This comes along with Red Deer Polytechnic’s land commitment behind the Gary W. Harris Centre. Today is about the critical first financial support from the government of Alberta, and this land and key partnership with Red Deer Polytechnic. Now that we have affirmed our location, we know that this community will step forward, and we look forward to telling you about the support of our community in the coming months.

Together we’re bringing a one-of-a-kind model in Canada/North America to life. As a result of this investment and support from the Government of Alberta, there is a greater chance that more children will choose to come forward and report what’s happened to them. Far fewer children will have to undergo the stress and trauma of retelling their stories time and time again. Instead, they will come to the Centre of Excellence where we aim for them to tell their stories only once, as they do now in our temporary home. The children we serve humble us. They showcase unimaginable courage by coming forward.

Please click the link below to view the full News Release from the Government of Alberta.


Supporting Vulnerable Children in Central Alberta | Alberta.ca 


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